Thursday, July 14, 2005

MORE STINGEWELL (w/special guests "the" nines)

Gaze upon this glorious image, which appears by demand. Another sighting of the world-famous Sir Stingewell (far right), who, flanked by his entourage (which includes musical group "The" Neen as well as one Donald T. Cooper [far left; resident of the population group "Canada"]), basks gloriously after narrowly escaping arrest by the Shaker Heights, OH, police department the previous evening. It seems that Mr. Stingewell decided to take a post-fireworks dip in a public pool on the evening of July 4th, and, once again with entourage in tow (minus one Casey G. Burns [2nd from left]), was confronted by an extremely bored group of "law" enforcement specialists. Once Stingewell's identity was confirmed, the group was let go with an ominous warning: "Don't mistake our kindness for weakness...tell all your friends we don't mess around in Shaker Heights."


This photo was taken by Stingewell's Aunt Jenny (from the block), who subsidized this particular evening's festivities (all those except for the very expensive and subsequently depressing ones that took place at the gentleman's club "Tally Ho"*.)

*emphasis on the "Ho".

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