Wednesday, July 20, 2005

ghost stories

ghost stories are the perfect thing to read on thunderstormy nights when dudes who are all about school prayer get nominated to the supreme court.* not that we'll necessarily have another night like that anytime soon, but here are some ghost story recommendations anyway.

* hey, do you law student types have any insights on this boringly-named guy?
also, i apologize for airing my political views on your blog!


dc nahm said...

Wow, that list is cool. I am going to read me some books. MR James is indeed awesome--as of course is PF.

As far as the SCOTUS (What a horrible acronym [am I spelling that right?]), I don't know yet. Not as happy as I had hoped. I am actually perhaps more uneasy because I don't quite know what to think. I will learn more and then pontificate.

Anonymous said...

Here's some info collected about Roberts by The People for the American Way

and here's some quotes that PAW collected of various right wingers, commenting on their satisfaction w/Roberts

i'd say, be very, very frightened.

Anonymous said...

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