Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Translated Eggs

So much better this way.

To Boze Bees Outside, These Bees


in Babrdstown give they don't a shit --
they're writing on the wall.
Glowing bottle loll of the INN empty in the room.

The sky keeps my small hand
and prays vanavond for me.
My academic team leaves because the state meets.

And if it develops get correct
I'll you vanavond run house
and as we're right with luck
we'll a real bar sees fighting.


Oh, my bad woman: you had get of the bus
in the middle of the worst snow storm which was there ever.
You climb below a dike under the darkened sky.
Snow gleaming but quick you're going melting.

And you are only aroused curiosity or could you let go
but it's a brand-new clothing and brand-new low.
You stick from your weapon and climb in jeep
and in your manner you learn classify all concerning Bombay.

Oh register! Why do you shout?

The register sleeps in venstersill.
To be small ears flicking quiet.
I am slowly which he's aroused curiosity that dreams
as sun moves concerning its back.

He's in my naked leg with a cruelty
that's that seldom in Carrboro it is laying seen.
He's the best cat in world is this I knows.
He's the best cat in the world --
tells me that found oneself I'm.

The loud half hour

You've got Washburn with closes Floyd increased.
I've got a broken track four below a battery of dirty kleren.
Everyone studies ahe for the middle of the term of office ECON
but in my space PLUS fragrances such as the it's approximately to audition burn

It's loud half hours vanavond.

My vriendenrob bought only brand-new TKO
and he said he to loan us to the floor TOMs for school brio would show.
I don't know how I believe concerning the fact that your father says
that we are favoriete local link are.

The It's loud half hours vanavond.

Green sanctuary

the green sanctuary returns to me:
this way prepared these cogs to eat.
Reedy areas clamours my name from.
Tap its this way beautiful against your body.

A calamity of cavities and knolls --
drags the rood and living is fed up.
Doesn't the joke have it's told
and as this way it feels fortunately?

The dormitory of brand-new haunts.
Vanavond a craft industry still unlearned!
Pale palmdruk against the window.
"Let's sing together in shower."

The comfort of machines offers no piece of opinion
with them buzzing and them sadder are find clicking
to they than I since they stare and hope blankly pleasant,
concerning of god who them will paint a sign saying,
"This manner, this manner! Bowl with me tonight."
But in the battery of calculations on the floor missing we it lifts.

Crookshanks Diddles missed on the island

vanavond! The van of the church

when they the door to narthex closes
I can't krijg to sleep because the pillow fight
pronounces by the grant room to me.

I dense my sleep pocket little will move to of you centimetre for centimetre.

Each space has darkened
and I'm a phantom tale now telling over a time
I a small blauw slightly saw that it is put to you in functioning.

I dense my sleep pocket little will move to of you centimetre for centimetre.

To the ant you lazy boneses

the toffeeboom by it more weak too late
vanochtend no matter what being done get.
In a small house I in the angle have bent
that and have waited if I the weet I would have.

Perhaps the days too long, the longing are all have gone,
but it's I must make a terrible choice.
Perhaps it is its too long, the knipsel all is done
but I weet with which I want pray

and remove myself, strawberry in my eyes.
When all vegitables animate: I'm guards.

This way we stop the peak of the tree of snakes

labyrint pursued
at the wasmuseum and 3-D.
Melting and Jefferson fingers
in a connection wire: At story's eindchrist's
the verrijzenis and Dolly Parton singing,
"Islands in Stream."

In dark hang some masks dag-Glo
and behind the meter miss the man some cogs.
Oustside a sink grows grass. To find gone klampen
ours we our together and at the sign of the TERMINATION
fixed a pale voice, "Hello." says;


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