Thursday, July 08, 2004

Information on Films

Our show on September 11th will be at Oh La Latte in Durham. We will be playing with Gerty; Cantwell, Gomez and Jordan; and a special guest!

This show is part of the MS films Chicks Rock series. From their website:

What is Chicks Rock?
Chicks Rock is a series of concerts promoting local women rockers and benefitting the Ms. Films Festival. Chicks Rock will have shows during the summer and fall (and beyond?) featuring great local bands, and hold a day-long event in October that will include a band showcase and a day of DIY workshops (date & location TBA).

We wanted to do Chicks Rock as an ongoing series in order to: support women in the local music scene and encourage our community to support them, promote the Durham community, have all-ages shows as a way to encourage young women to follow their creative inspirations of all kinds and include them in a community that supports them, and promote gender-equality and respect to people of all ages and genders in the music scene.

We were inspired by our experience at Ladyfest Richmond, and by all the Ladyfests that have sprung up all over the world. We wanted to try something in the same vein, bringing music, arts, a DIY attitude, film, and good people together to celebrate and encourage women to join in.

We are grateful to the many bands and musicians who have enthusiastically offered their time and talent for this project and are inspired by their desire to support these goals and their dedication to create change in our commuinty!

Also thanks to the Chicks Rock Men's Auxiliary, man rockers who want to support Chicks Rock and Ms. Films. You will see them playing at shows -- be sure to give 'em a high five, too.

AP is honored and pleased to be part of the Men's Auxiliary.

Read more here and there.


Anonymous said...

yay for the Men's Auxiliary and your support in the war effort, keeping the factories going at home while the chicks go off to fight!

Ms. Films (yes, that's as in not-Miss, Mr. or Mrs., not Multiple Sclerosis films...) is terribly appreciative and indebted to your enthusiasm and generosity. thank you thank! xo Niku

Anonymous said...

P.S. Mystery band playing the sept 11 show = GERTY!
this show will have some serious booty doing some serious shakin!

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