Thursday, July 29, 2004

Razzle Week: Fourth Day

Children's undelivered letters to Razzle.


Tues 6 1984

Deer Mr. Razel

I like you.  You are nice and have a nice sound.  My dady says that you make the devls music but when I here you music I see angles.  Will you make my doggy come back.  He was in the yard and made a hack sound and then he is gone.  My daddy said that he is ben tookt to a farm and is happy.  Is my dady a liar?

Lucy W.
Zebulon, NC


Tues 6, 1978

Razzle is the best.
I like metal and heavey rock.
Razzle is metal and heavy rock.
I like Razzle. 
Can you make Chris Schultz stop beating me up.
I would give you a dollar.
It is all I have.

Blaine Tuppance
Ft. Wayne, IN


(date unknown)

Dear Mr. Razzle

My mommy went away.  Did you take her?  Why? 

Fayetteville, NC



Dear Razzle,

I saw you all play last night at my mother and step-father's reception.  I think you are great.  I have never had such a good time even though I don't like my step-father and he doesn't like me.  I think he is a jerk.  He doesn't like good music.  I am sorry you all had to play from the Lawrence Welk Ultimate Fakebook.  And I am sorry about the tuxes.  I was embarassed for you. 

When Mr. Robb gave me that piggy back ride I have never been so happy in my life.  You know, being born with out the ability to laugh and run at the same time has mean that I have lived either a happy and slow or fast and sad life.  It is tragic.  Shouldn't the children of America be running and laughing at the same time.  Watch any commercial for medication and you can see I am gettign fucked.  Please you have to help me.  Nurture me in the bosom of your rock and perhaps my legs and laughter will get in concert and I can live the American Dream.

Julius Hodge

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