Monday, July 26, 2004

Good-bye Musical Absolutes

On Friday, July 30th, music will cease to exist in a perfect, unadulterated form.  Hundreds, if not dozens, of young men and women will be left without a musical compass to direct them towards the multi-colored mount of leather and lace clad awesomness.  This week the Tropic of Food salutes the MEN or RAZZLE.

How did they form?
In 1923 an expadition to the arctic circle disappeared.  No one knows what happened but we do know that they discovered, deep below the ice, an ancient creature--indiscribable with the petty and paltry words that our pale language has cursed us with--and many ancient stones with untranslatable writing and pictures of strange cities of non-euclidian geometry.  The exploreres were hungry and tried to cook up the ancient slumbering elder god.  Inside they found the coocooned corpses of four men and a couple marshall stacks.  Somewhere, over the blanched, invisible horizon, a thunderous guitarmony glided on feathery wings.  Their minds snapped instantly.

History does not record how the elder god tasted.

Why are they breaking up?
Because the PATRIOT ACT is making them.

What records have they recorded?
This discography is speculative at best.

  1. Withered Wurms Beyond the Seventh Sun of Rhyn:  Asylum Records (1976)
  2. Blow: Elektra (1977)
  3. Mexican Delimma--A Rock Fantasia: Virgin (1977)
  4. Vs Nantucket: Warner Bros. (1979)
  5. s/t: Scotti Bros (1980)
  6. Rings Around Heaven: Arista (1981)
  7. Saul Sabberday--Idiot Spy (soundtrack): Epic Classical (1982)
  8. Quaker Hustle: Columbia Japanese Imports (1983)
  9. Players, Ladies of Destruction and Me: Smithsonian Folkways (1984)
  10. Quintessential Nights: Sony (1985)
  11. s/t II: Rykodisk (1986)
  12. Works: Rhino Handmade (1987)
  13. Skanks of the Sun--A Rock Shymphony: Scholastic Records (1988)
  14. Cootie Moon (soundtrack): WEA (1989)
  15. North Durham Shuffles, Disco Release, Cupping the Breast of Destiny (reissues): Merge Records (1990)
  16. My Disease is Chromatic: self-released (1992)
  17. Tacodrome (soundtrack): EMI (1992)
  18. Rambling Rose (soundtrack): Universal (1992)
  19. Heaven is a Heavy Place for Lovers: Fiction (1993)
  20. Tuck Back Warriors: Def Jam (1994)
  21. 4 Biddin' Dance: Def American (1995)
  22. Cash in a Duffle Bag--a Road Diary-Live 1973-2001: American Records (1996)
  23. Cantwell: Sire (1997)
  24. Wall: Sire (1997)
  25. Bjorkback: Sire (1997)
  26. Henderson: Sire (1997)
  27. Blingin' in the Reign: No Limit (1999)
  28. 7 Song CD: self-released (2001)
  29. Robb: Sire (2001)
  30. All Those Wasted (Y)ears: Pox World Empire (2004)
I have a record that isn't listed above that is credited to Razzle.  Is it worth anything?

Though in recent years unknown Razzle records have fetched staggering sums on the musical black market (upwards of $7) I can assure you that what you have is worthless and in fact probably would cost you to get rid of so just sent it to me with a check for five dollars and a picture of you in the following poses:

Dress'd as Link from Legend of Zelda
Dress'd as Fish from Barney Miller
Dress'd as Linc from The Octavo Blanche


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this is a lovely retrospective! i just wish their farewell concert was any other weekend--i bet a lot of people (like me) have mergefest tickets.

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