Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Razzle Week: Day II

Excerpts of interviews with the "men" of Razzle

From Guitar Player, June 16th, 1986

GP:  Tell us how you developed your awesome technical style.

Bob Wall:  Well, you see first I was walking through this corn patch with this boy I knew, he went to school with me and he said he had bottle rockets and I said I wanted to see them there bottle rockets but he said you gotta come with me to my house and I said alright and we cut cross this patch of corn and there was a wild rabid possum a-comin' up on us and I hid up to the top of the tree and the possum done chased this boy clear cross tarnation and creation and he run kindly like I seen a little man dance up to the fair so I started to dance out on this branch all nice like and was cutting capers and clappin and this possum was laying this boy up good and chewing his face and the like and then I fell down and when I woke my daddy told me it was time that I mow the yard and I said but daddy, daddy, I'm on the last level of the Poltergeist video game.  (Rubs baby oil on arms)

GP:  Tell me about the rumor I've heard that you and Hendrix were going to collaborate before he died.

BW: Jimi's dead?  Oh, God in heaven, take me now.  Woman, woman!  I need my liver pills and a diet cola!

From Good Housekeeping, June 16th, 1992

GH:  How many children do you have?
Dave Cantwell:  Oh, man, I don't know.  Let's see.  There Louis and Jane and Ander and Coletrane and Lil' Trane and Joe Champion and Texas and Phylisha and Jerusha and He-Who-Cannot-Be-Named and She-Who-Cannot-Be-Named and Lucy and Busta Trucks and Mafhouse.  How many is that?

GH:  And this garden?  I've never seen a garden in Durham.
DC:  I live in Durham?  Oh, God, sweet fount of my salvation, take me now!  Kerry, Kerry, call Budget, call UHaul.  Get the babies and the Kitties and the fish!


From New York Times Sunday Magazine, June 16th, 2000

NYTSM:  I'm sorry that Mr. Bjorkback couldn't be with us.  What can you tell us about his expeditions?

Torch Marauder:  Like shaved fox lingers
                            Too long before the mirror:
                            Bjbk hasn't written

NYTSM:  Is it true that he has taken up with a previously unknown indiginous South Pacific tribe and been enthroned as their master, seer and fiscal salvation?
TM: Well, it's funny you should ask--(Television flashes on and the grimacing face of the Red Caped Rocker appears)

RCR: Bjorkback's on an island, not guarding his first editon Fantastic Fours!  Why am I watching Judge Judy! (Bobby Gibbs wakes up and writes in his diary: "Diary, today I had the worst nightmare.  I was running thorugh a feild of corn with a young man and we were beset by a wild oppossum, perhaps ill.  The young man ran to a tree like a baby to a mother's breast and I was left to feel the cold maw surround me.")

From The American Journal of Law and Religion, June 16th, 2004

AJoLaR:  Mr. Robb, can you comment on this week's decision as it applies to sentencing standards?

Mike Robb:  ...

AJoLaR:  Would such applications, if applied as broadly as you imply they might be, work against the courts?

MR:  ...

AJoLaR:  How will this affect Razzle?

MR:  ... (Grabs 1940 D'Angelico [Excel, Sunburst, very good, OHSC, $24,000.00], hits interviewer across forhead with headstock, plays Dee)

AJoLaR:  Razzle's breaking up?  What the Fuck!

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