Thursday, October 10, 2013

ToFAMA Part 3: Matt Kalb!

Our third installment of Tropic of Food’s “Ask Me Anything” series brings us up to speed on the steel-trap mind of Matt Kalb!, Audubon Park’s lead guitarist.

Q: What was the last song you listened to?
A: "I Wish" by Skee-lo.
Q: Who did you vote for in the last election?
A: Ron Paul, baby. Didn't you see "Bruno"? He was amazing.
Q: You are in a lot of bands -- Audubon Park, Le Weekend, The Wusses, Turkeyleg. How do you make time for them all?
A: Well, I'm more of "tech support" for Turkeyleg. They sort of turn into the Mystics from "The Dark Crystal" once they hear three basses at once, and at that point they aren't able to start jamming. I have to be the catalyst. So I'm more like Jesus with Bob, Linc and Cantwell on my back. Like a totally ripped Jesus.
Q: Do you tweet?
A: I think you mean, ‘WHY do you tweet’?
Q: Favorite chord?
A: Coiled.
Q: Favorite color?
A: Plaid.
Q: Favorite album?
A: “The Golden Scarab” by Ray Manzarek
Q: Last book you read?
Q: You and David have known each other since college. How would you characterize your relationship?
A: With jazz and conversation, from the foot of Mt. Belzoni. Sweet music. Tonight the night is mine.
Q: There was a rumor on the Internet that you were going to be endorsed by a guitar company.
A: That’s a statement. It’s “Ask Me Anything”, not “Tell Me Something.”
Q: If you could be any type of Barbara Walters, which Barbara would you be?
A: Decaying.
Q: Is there a method to the intricate melodies that you create?
A: 1. Put fingers on guitar. 2. Collect checks.
Q: Do you have nicknames for everyone in the band?
A: No, but let me come up with some. David: The Amphibian Lover. Robert: Scrappy-Doo. Finn: Protein. Ben: Rap Game Janet Reno.
Q: Are you in the Audubon Park side project Silk Nogg?
A: If I was, don’t you think more people would have heard of it?
Q: We’ve noticed that you make a lot of Vines during practice --
A: What did I just tell you about statements versus questions?
Q: What is with the sporadic beard growth?
A: You know my famous theory about McRib? Same thing. McBeard.

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