Tuesday, October 08, 2013

ToFAMA Part 1

As part of our ongoing coverage leading up to the October 15 release of “Crazy Crazy For Feeling,” we floated the idea that Reddit do an “Ask Me Anything” with each member of Audubon Park. They weren’t interested, so the Tropic of Food administrators submitted some questions to the band, and we’ll be rolling those answers out over the next week.

This first installment sheds light on the band’s drummer, B. Spiker.

Q: What do you do outside of Audubon Park?
A: Teach golf to kids, take pictures of food and concrete, count backwards.
Q: What kind of drumsticks do you use?
A: Light brown.
Q: What’s your pre-show ritual?
A: I eat the same thing each time: grilled salmon, mashed potatoes, broccoli. If it’s not in the dressing room, I don’t play.
Q: Favorite movie?
A: “Mannequin 2”
Q: Favorite color?
A: Salmon. Grilled.
Q: Favorite athlete?
A: Greg “The Shark” Norman.
Q: Favorite drum?
A: Kalangu, the talking drum.
Q: When did you start playing drums?
A: You mean today?
Q: What drummers have served as inspiration for you?
A: Buddy Rich, Animal, 2 Chainz, Matt Kalb.
Q: What’s your favorite Audubon Park record?
A: The best one.
Q: What’s your favorite Audubon Park song?
A: Rap Rokk. It’s unreleased. Maybe y’all will get to hear it one day.
Q: What’s your favorite time signature?
A: 1/1
Q: Favorite local band?
A: Turkeyleg -- Bob Wall, Linc Hancock and Dave Cantwell. They all play bass.
Q: What happens when the band is lost in a really long jam/solo onstage and you can’t get them to stop it?
A: I find that falling down gets their attention after the 3rd or 4th time.
Q: If you had to assign spirit animals to each person in the band, what would they be?
A: David: snowy egret. Matt: the buffalo, obviously because of its place on the Medicine Wheel. Finn: marmot. Robert: komodo dragon.
Q: Have you ever seen the inside of a Turkish prison?
A: Once, but it didn’t look like they had any IPA’s on tap, so I left pretty quickly.
Q: What’s your ideal first date?
A: Taking a cat to a Wolfpack football game.
Q: If you were President Obama, how would you solve the current shutdown standoff?
A: Audubon Park filibusters the House with an epic jam. Then I’d go see what Michelle was making for dinner.
Q: Favorite Audubon Park inside joke?
A: Frogs.

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