Thursday, August 30, 2007

Samuel L. Jackson

Over the past few weeks I've seen Samuel L. Jackson on several different talk shows. Nothing really extraordinary about that. He has a new movie out, so he's plugging it. The appearance on Letterman was great as usual, he mentioned where he would swim near his home as a child in Tennessee. Craig Ferguson was even good. I think I saw him on Conan...The one that sticks out though is the Henry Rollins show! Have I mentioned on here how much I love that show? I don't care if it seems trite or if it boils down to who the William Morris Agency can fetch for him, I like it.

Now back to Samuel. I had read a brief mention once of his past issues with drug addiction prior to becoming a known actor. On the Rollins show, he not only mentioned it, he went into detail of his involvement with Black Nationalist/radical groups in the late '60's. Buying guns with stolen credit cards, witnessing a car he was about to get into blow up and have the FBI deny any knowledge of setting the bomb. Then there was his time back then in Atlanta when The Man cleared the city of all drugs except heroin. Getting blitzed was part of his crew's m.o. so if the tar was all that was available, that's what they took, and it's hard to do anything radical while smacked up.

I don't recall him using any of the cussing...I didn't know anything of interest could be done on cable vision with no curses. Shit.

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