Monday, July 30, 2007

Yes I Crank It Everyday

Summer jams. I don't know if it's hearing a song over and over all summer, or just hearing a new song during summer, but somehow I feel the need to label a song "that's the jam of the summer." It's not always a good song i.e. 1992, Marc Cohn's "Walking In Memphis" (he was carjacked in Denver in '05) or "Life is a Highway", but I certainly heard them a lot that summer. '93 of course had "Woot There It Is" AND "Whoomp There It Is".

When you are heckled to a song you just heard on the radio, that kind of makes it a summer jam I guess. The song itself isn't bad, it's typical Southern rap, gives directions on how to do the dance steps intended for the song. Not as good as "The Tighten Up" but it's decent enough.

So I've just heard "Crank That" on 102 Jamz (K97 might play it now, they're usually a step slow), I'm walking near the atm machines on the UNC campus and a woman who has "Crank That" blasting on her own suv stereo yells at me, " A you gone crank dat sold-ja boy?!" I ponder yelling back the line in the song about Robo-cop, or "super soak that hoe", but I'm too busy pondering to myself, "is this the jam of the summer?"

Like any big, current hip hop single, many MANY people have filmed themselves dancing to the track and uploaded it to youtube. These youngsters even brandish a couple of guns and the kids love it:

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