Wednesday, July 11, 2007

(Not as) Lost in Turkey--Photo Appendix A

So it's 10pm, Wednesday July 11, and I got a ton of shit to do before leaving for Moscow tomorrow, but this shit is just too good to leave til next week. I mean, these make me laugh out loud, so...

I'll update you on today's goings-on in more detail later, including my simultaneously homoerotic/sketchy/totally fucking hilarious experience at the Turkish bath, but some Context Beach: today we went to the Topkapi Palace, which was the palace built by Mehmed the Conqueror in 1465. It was another example of Euro-tourism gone horribly wrong, so I focused my lens more on the patrons of this behemoth, who were way more interesting. Along the way, I found some other interesting characters:

This woman is wearing a burka in 90-degree weather with some Dior sunglasses, which have the Dior logo in fake diamonds on the side. She looks like a fucking stormtrooper. First prize in the Humorous Tourist Beach competition.

Here she is again, armed with multiple digital experience-capturing devices.

I found a group of Russian tourists being led around by a tour guide, so I followed them for a while since it was more interesting than the palace. Apparently the Captain and Tennille were with them.


To quote the early 21st-century poet Ginuwine (born Elgin Lumpkin, for realz), "Is there/Any more room/For me/In those jeans?"

An ad in the extremely touristy area outside of the Palace. Are they retarded models?

Now for last night's photos. After ballin' at this club, located on the rooftop of an extremely swanky building in an extremely swanky neighborhood,

whose patrons included this guy,

we saw this cat, who was parking his moped:

AND NOW, the piece de resistance. Too m.f.'in good to be true.

Back in a few days, unless Moscow beats me.

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