Monday, July 30, 2007

Beach Beach II: Brave Souls Thrust into a New Day; Soul Searching; Scoop Cutta Bear

R, B, L and I went to the Beach Beach. We spam, sat, drank and blogg'd. Also watched TV. It was fantastic and left me very much well rested in my soul.

While Sade sang "LOVERSROCK," we watched footage of a car chace in Texas. A back SUV speeding through the streets, flat tire, sparks--the guy ready to run.

"If I were him, I'd stop and get out, cause, you can't get away."

"This guy must have done something really, really bad."

They threw spikes.

Oh, Hannah Montana is on! (Later). We also Played Miniature golf. Through the course ran a small stream that smelled strongly of a Motel Pool and was littered with cinder blocks. "Cinder Fish," R said. "Cinder Fish."

When we got our golf balls, we asked which hold was the first, because they were not numbered, and the woman pointed to the one with a sign that said "HOLE IN ONE FREE GAME" and said, "That one, but you don't get a free game."

When we finished, R got a free game because of a "HOLE IN ONE" on another "HOLE IN ONE FREE GAME." The young woman working gave R the toke and asked where we were from. B and L said, "Raleigh." She said, "Oh, I thought you were from Chapel Hill." R said, "We?" are" (pointing at me) and she said, "Oh." R asked "Why did you think that?" She said, "Uh, you're, uh, your young." Then she shrugged.

At night the people on the beach disappeared.

Rudi and another young woman are dancing, trying to get Kenny to dance.

Oh, and the night was crazy. The moon rose, red and overlarge, through a slit in the sky, and the shone like a sun. Children came back out and played just like it was morning. Sea turtles wept because it was too bright.

Why does Rudi know so much about Magic.

Did I mention that we were not of this Earth?

They pulled the guy from the black SUV. An older man, white haired. They were on him in their black outfits, and then high fives. The chase cut through parking lots of malls.

"He can't kill you with his eyes..."

After we put-putted, we had L'Ice Cream. L asked heaven for help with her Bubble Gum Scoops. I was good with my Cake Batter scoops on my own.

R's Mint Chocolate Chip makes a rather dry remark.

R: the soul search; pt 1.

Marraige comes like a balloon over the horizon--because a child let go of the string.

The little girl from next door swam up to us and asked where we were from. "The ocean," B said. She wanted to play Marco Polo.

"How about Ralph Lauren Polo."

"Ok." So she counted and then started to call "Mouth Rollin."


She came over to play with us for two days. She seemed to have no one watching. Finally on the second day, someone called her.

"I am suprised that it took her parents this long to tell her not to play with strange gentlemen on the beach."

"I guess we look ok."

R: the soul searcha; pt 2--the approach to bliss.

After Put-put and its L'Ice Cream, we went to SCOOP for the best gummi Coke bottles--but were warned of the sorrow therein.

Country Bears: the difficult years.

"Please, I need a bus ticket to Buffalo because, se my grandmother died and I need to be her executor...See, I go to church every Sunday and Wednesday but my girl, who has my baby, she' been talking to my mother and that's why I need to get that bus ticket. I am not a bum. I am not a drunk, you can smell my breath if you want. I just need $26.75 to get the ticket. You can pat me down. Please, please, please: touch me. I'm feeling so sleepy. Soul running slow. Feeling so sleepy."

R: the soul searcha; pt3--Making the Holy Mountain.

Two REAL men. Are you a REAL man. You have to look inside to know. You have to have the SOUL OF A MAN.

Thank you to R, B, L and the whole of Holden Beach. Big non-ups to Google Directions on the whole Green Swamp Road issue.

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