Thursday, July 12, 2007

Royal American Live in Raleigh

Attention Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, Mebane, Gibsonville, Graham, Efland, Zebulon, Fayetteville and all points in between (except Cary--continue working on those spreadsheets):

Close personal friends of Audubon Park and the Nein--ROYAL AMERICAN--are playing in Raleigh on Saturday at the Bud Light Downtown Live show. They play at 6 pm. Later on--the Romantics will be playing. WHAT? I thought they died in a van wreck. Time to stop my mourning.
RA features Clint Newman on guitar and singing. Clint went to college with Matt and me; and we were all in 1 1/2 bands together. I know that if you are reading this you are lamenting the derth of AP related activities in town--shows, passing on the street, bringing me a refill on my sweet tea--so this is your next best opportunity to see a good band in a CONTEXT.
Also, they are from New York and I am always telling my out of town friends how good we have it here, what with walking to shows, friendly people and what not. Add to that the fact that when YOU go out of town I write to my friends out of town and tell them to see you and they often do--SHOW SOME LOVE. I'm sure Cy Rawls will be there already--doesn't that just sweeten the deal?
Q: This is sponsored in part by 96Rock. Does this mean that they are getting high dollar Radio Rock Format Airplay? I would have though so before all the radio stations in the triangle switched formats from "good" to "shit."

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