Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Well, for now, Audubon Park’s management is reporting that the band will indeed continue in its original lineup. David Nahms erratic behavior is being blamed on ‘bad meat’ from a Quiznos’ sub. Robert Biggers behavior has not been explained. Finn Cohen is reportedly still soloing. While the excitement of meeting countless celebrities was certainly enjoyable, there was something lacking about this FANCON. Maybe a little of the magic is gone. I’m not saying Audubon Park has sold out, but maybe all the success and hype the band is experiencing in the lead up to release of "Team Urge Hearses" has spoiled the charm that was our little secret.

Or maybe I just don’t like this kind of music. And I can’t believe a took off so much work for this nonsense.

As it turns out, the group Matt Kalb joined is not Audioslave, but Ayreon. I think I’ll follow him, and turn my attention to this far superior group. I’ve included some information from the band’s webpage below.

About group’s third album, “Into the Electric Castle”:

“'Into the Electric Castle' tells the story of 8 stereotypical characters from different periods of time who suddenly find themselves in another dimension. A Highlander, Knight, Egyptian, Indian, Barbarian, Roman, Hippie and Futureman each try to understand where they are and what they are supposed to do. It is then that a voice rings out from the sky to tell them that the dimension they have arrived in is built on dreams and fears. In order to find their way back to their own dimension and time, they must go in search of The Electric Castle. During the search every character is forced to confront his or her innermost fears, and not everyone survives the treacherous journey to the Castle. At the end of the journey those that successfully dealt with their personal demons find out that the voice belongs to an alien named 'Forever of the Stars', a member of an alien race living in a distant galaxy. These aliens created planet Earth and its people as an experiment so they could study, and hopefully one day experience emotions, as they themselves lost feelings eons ago. 'Into the Electric Castle' is a double CD. On disc 1 we experience the journey to The Electric Castle and on disc 2 we find out what happens when they arrive there.”

From the first track, on disc 2:

“Hippie:It's kinda groovyIn this world of fantasyWhere no one else can goWithin these boundariesI'm shielded from realityWithout a care or woe

Egyptian:Amon-Ra, have you come to seal my fate?In the garden of emotionsFree my ka, how much longer must I wait?In the garden of emotions”


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