Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tonight in Durham: Solo folks...

(not the same captain saturn shown above)

James Hepler presents . . . . Wednesday March 22nd, Joe and Jo's, Durham, NC 9pm sharp!!! * Reese Gibbs * * John Crocker * * Captain Saturn * (me) Cover: somewhere between $0 and $3Reese Gibbs, best known for her work with the Dirty Little Heaters,plays some of her quieter, sadder songs on acoustic guitar. Anne Gomezsays Reese sounds like Janis Joplin only better.John Crocker plays catchy folkish tunes with one foot on a kick drumpedal and some C-clamps on a keyboard. And if he doesn't feel asthough he is capturing enough of your attention, he will either comeand play right in front of you or make you participate. You will beentertained.Captain Saturn plays the traditional musics of his homeland, the distantmoon of Io. He's not sure why people keep asking him to play but he hasa hard time saying no. He hopes to practice for this show at leasttwice, schedule permitting.

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