Wednesday, March 22, 2006

More Books

I finished Foucault's Pendulum. It was pretty good, or maybe just OK. There were many great things about it, but damn, if I ever read see another Templar, Cabalist or Jesuit again, I am going to pop. About 200 pages too long. Though, it was fun playing, "What literary references do I notice." A lot. But really, no only will I never again give a conspiracy theory even a passing, irony-filled glance, but I no longer belive in anything. It was like saying to someone, "Yeah, I like mayonnaise on sandwiches," then having your face pressed into a toilet bowl full of mayo for a week, only to be pulled up every few minutes for breath as an annonymous voice shouts, "Low Fat!" I mean, I like maybe one butter knife swipe, but this is out of control.

After finishing FP, I picked up Hell, by Kathryn Davis. She wrote The Thin Place, which I have not read, but has gotten many, many strong reviews, including from WN. I decided to start with another of her novels becuase it was $20 cheaper. It is very short, and I am only a few pages into it, but I am very confused, so that is a good sign. I like it already.

Yeah, Europe Central had some definite high points, such as the second chapter about Krupskaya--really brilliant. But it just didn't fit my mood at the moment.

Did you know, David Gilmour has a myspace account? I asked him to be AP's friend. I bet he says yes, then sends a private message that says, "Hey, David, this is David Gilmour. I am really influenced by your style of play. I can't describe how much your work has meant to me." I will read it and delete it without responding, not to be mean or because I don't like him--quite the contrary--but because I can.

Bob Wall says Gilmour's new LP sounds like the Neptunes.

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