Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Friends from Philly.

Erie Choir plays this Thursday, March 9, at the Duke Coffeehouse with friends, old and new.

En Garde has a couple of guys whom I’ve played with in various other bands; Sorry About Dresden, the Wusses, Blanket, The Circle Seen and Thesaurus Kite. You tell me which band name is worst.

Late Night Television is Matt Kelley’s band, where he sings about how things usually work out for the best, just like we do. He is from Philly. His label, Route 14, put out Sorry About Dresden’s first album, as well as albums by the Scaries and Strunken White. If he’d only put out a V. Sirin record, everything would have worked out much differently.

Erie Choir is gonna be me and Bob this time. I got my stitches removed yesterday, but I’m still a little gimpy.

Grammar Debate is also from Philly. Their myspace quote is "Reigning Champions of Spiffcore!" Sounds good.

It's 5 bucks and you can bring your own beverages.

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