Monday, August 08, 2005

AP Fancon 2005 Rap-up

Police detain Murry Fitzwater, one of the pranksters.

AP Fancon 2005

Greetings everyone. Well, it turns out that Audubon Park is still in the process of recording their full length debut, so I guess the apocalypse is off until the album comes out. That whole apocalypse thing may have been an elaborate prank as it turns out that Linas Coombs is in fact Matt Kalb (funny he didn’t even place in the Matt Kalb look-alike contest). I’d just like to personally apologize to Gordish Horton and the rest of the fan club administration, who we bound and gagged and kept in the janitor’s closet on the 4th floor. Sorry about the pepper spray, the choke collar and the whole banana muffin incident. I hope you enjoy the gift certificate for Appleby’s I sent each of you (via your lawyers), once you get out of the hospital. Again, my bad. And props to Mr. Kalb, you got us good. All that aside, I had a great time and I think everyone else who attended did to, at least those weren’t hog tied at some point.

See everyone next year!
-Madame Sally-Lin Chin-(formerly Coombs)


dc nahm said...

Two things have happened here:

a) Rikk proves himself to be a brilliant artist of the blog, and;

b) we have reached a point where I don't even get what is going on.

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