Friday, December 03, 2004


Let's get to the point quick. The Country Bears is one the greatest films of all time. The Country Bears has taught the band so much about our (human) selves. I now pay late tribute to the film (and it's message) by copying a recent thread of A.P. emails regarding a new local band with a whole lotta nerve. Read on!


Guys, there is a Chapel Hill band called
The Country Bears. I saw a flier that said
"country bears" only and a website (
and when I went to it I found out. I guess
we have to play with them.
oh! when i was hanging up nein posters the other
night, i saw a couple flyers that just said "what
is country bears?" so i hung up the nein right next
to that shit, b/c it was fate.
I'm listening to their mp3s right now. Not bad.
Kind of yelly punk rock maybe a little like Les
Savy Fav. Not great, but not bad either.
I just listened to their MP3s. They should be
called the Dischord Records Bears. Get the Bong
back together?!!?
still, i'd be willing to sue them on behalf of
the real bears. you know ted won't stand for this,
and beary? what would happen if beary showed up
expecting to see zed zoober and co.? god damn if we
shouldn't have put together the country bears for
the great cover up and alienated everyone (including
ourselves) there. can you imagine the costumes?
damn it.
You know, I bet Disney is going to be just fine suing
the shit out of them on their own. What is even
better is to show up at this bands show in costume
and sit in the back of the club watching, never speaking
to anyone and then leave angrily. Everytime they play.
Dude, we should get costumes together and show up at the
next Country Bears show and just stand at the back with
arms crossed. I call human/bear identity conflicted
child hero.

[And on a less personal note, I had a heck of a dream last night. My
S. Crouton and I were recording a tribute to the Red Hot Chili
Peppers' "Blood
Sugar Sex Magik," with Bono engineering. Bono was
irritated because The Edge
didn't show up for production on today's
"Breaking the Girl" and "Could Have
Lied." Only in dreams. How's
that for trad bloggin'?]


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Anonymous said...

Boys, I thank you for protecting our good name while we are on the road. Stay strong, stay warm, sta together!

Ted Bedderhead, Vocals

Anonymous said...

Well how do you think your fans feel when they show up expecting to see birds? Gypped, that's how.

Anonymous said...

They probably feel the same as when they show up and we blow.

Business as usual.

Anonymous said...

they show up.


ddoodd said...

Great post!