Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Hey Y'all,

This Audubon Park blog has totally been infiltrated by the Erie Choir Virus Chorus. Gonna totally promotionalize the E to the Rizzy, C to the Horace.

Thursday Dec. 9th, Bickett Gallery
Beautry and the Beast:
I guess I know which one I am. This is a benefit for the Piedmont Wildlife Center. Mini-makeovers by Emma Carter at 7 pm, Musical Guest Erie Choir at 9 pm. Available for purchase: Limited edition prints featuring Nathan Golub's 'Beauty & The Beast'. Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door and are available by calling bickett gallery. It's just gonna be the me I think. I'm gonna play some Christmas songs too.

Sunday Dec. 12, Local 506
Ill Ease, Fan Modine, Erie Choir
I'll have the fab soul revue lineup rocking again aka The Brood. We look to be playing first and in theory shows start at 10pm now at the 506.

The Royal Order of the House of Beards thanks you.

email: eriechoir@hotmail


wordnerdy said...

i totally saw a flier for that 506 show yesterday and shrieked "holy shit! awesome!" what a great lineup.

Register the Cat said...

'ric 'rig is a virus. Can no cream save us from this doom?

Eric, call me tonight and you can get the amp when you want.

Is this effective communication?