Friday, December 10, 2004


In honor of the Nein heading up to Canada to rock our friendly neighbors to the north, I thought I'd prepare a list of things I like about Canada.

Some Things I Like About Canada:

Canada was the first place I ever got drunk. My family(aunts, uncles, cousins, etc…) would go to Quebec to skiing every year after Christmas when I was young. One New Year’s Eve my Aunt gave me a glass of champagne to share with my cousins. I went off and downed it, then returned for more. After a few of these trips I was good to go. I walked outside on the ice and it was splendid.

Canada is the first place I ordered a beer. When I was 16, we were back in Quebec again. The drinking age was 18. I went into this place and ordered a beer. They gave it to me. It would be five years before this happened again.

The Kids in the Hall. They started showing this on HBO in the late 80’s. It kicked Saturday Night Live’s ass. Genius.

Neil Young. Duh.

Canadian Football. There’s like 8 teams and two of them are called the Rough Riders and one is called the Argonauts. They kick on third down.

John Candy. Seemed to embody all that is good with humanity.

Steve Nash. Rush. Strange Brew. Margaret Trudeau. Loverboy. Lots of great stuff.

Thanks Canada.


Good luck boys!
The Nein
true north tour:
sat dec 11 - hamilton ont - the underground
sun dec 12 - toronto ont - sneaky dees (wavelength night)
mon dec 13 - windsor ont - phog lounge
tue dec 14 - toronto ont - horseshoe taven
wed dec 15 - ottawa ont - club saw
thu dec 16 - montreal quebec - casa del popolo
fri dec 17 - philadelphia pa - silk city
sat dec 18 - arlington va - galaxy hut


Register the Cat said...

Well, apparently there is only one team called the Rough Riders these days. I'm guessing the Sonic Onyon folks are Tiger-Cats fans.

Anonymous said...

When does AP get to play at "Silk City" and "Galaxy Hut?"

The Nein are real men. Drive safe. Eat good food. Turn it Out!