Monday, May 09, 2011

PASSION; or, The Audubon Park Album.

Audubon Park has risen from a prolonged slumber to bring you a new FULL LENGTH ALBUM entitled PASSION.

The album was recorded in early 2010 and after a year of mixing and mastering, will be released on May 28 through CyTunes. We are playing a release show that night at the Local 506. The show is $7 and you get a download of the album (with all the money going to CyTunes).

Opening will be Actual Persons Living or Dead. Then we will play.

AND THEN, as the grand finale, Audubon Park will be performing Bruce Springsteen's Born in the U.S.A. with Aimee Argote on vocals and Bob Wall on keys. I hope you are prepared for MUSIC.

We are very excited.

Here are some notes on the songs that are on the new album. It is a NON-FICTION record of TRUE songs about REAL things that happened to REAL people.

2 Wounded 2 Quit. On Friday afternoon, Stingy picked me up at work and immediately asked if I liked “The Cosby Show.” We drove with Finn and Robert to the beach, but I don’t remember if we ever saw the ocean. I just remember, we spent the first night sitting on a bench in the dark, drinking beer, and I tried to explain God, but I was drunk. The next night, we drove to Beaufort and met Sarah and Sha who said some very strange and inappropriate things. We grilled hamburgers and watched television and took pictures of Stingy.

What Happened to the Nighttime this Weekend? When we got to Lantern, before the Neil Hamburger show, Eric and Maggie were there laughing about this couple we’d just missed who were on a blind date. “She kept asking him about cilantro.” Some folks went to the show and some went to Fuse. We looked at fliers on a telephone pole and Erin asked the question that became the title of this song. Every time I hear this song, I get really hungry. This may be because I only listen to it at lunchtime.

My Cardinal Is Blue. After my wife finished grad school, she got a job teaching in another state and we were apart for a while. I didn’t have a car, so to visit her, I would have to borrow my sister’s car. I also slept in a bed I borrowed from my sister. I was living the "good life." The drive up to see my wife was easy. The sky was beautiful and the music was loud the mountains thrummed with happiness. The drive home was always cold and damp and all music sounded terrible. I have to confess, she never at dinner at the mall. The quick-serve chain Mexican restaurant she ate at all the time was in a shopping center. Mall just sounds better. This is a sequel to the electronic piece that I composed our senior year of college.

Winding Sheet. The first two songs that Matt and I ever wrote together, during our freshman year of college, were about how much I did not like working. Seventeen years later, I still don’t much care for it. This song is nowhere near as awesome as those two songs were. The reason that this album took a year and a half to come out was because we could not agree on the keyboard solo. I am completely serious about this. One of us wanted the solo to be really loud. Another didn't want the solo at all. A third person wanted to ride a cow. I won't say which position won, but we are no longer allowed near this one farm in Orange County.

Cosmos or a Hillside. A springtime drive to Pittsboro has an element of the metaphysical to it. Once, after a particularly bad week at work, my wife surprised me with a weekend stay at Fearrington Village. For dinner we drove back to town and ate at 411 West. “This place is terrible.” “It’s like an Olive Garden inside of a Best Western.” “I wish we’d eaten at Carrburitos.” “I wish I’d eaten woodchips.” “I think you did.” “Let’s go to CD Alley.” “Okay.” It was a wonderful weekend.

Laugh Riot. Do you remember that time that Cy did stand-up comedy at Kings? This songs is how music should sound and is an indication of the band’s music direction for the next seven years.

Waiting for Later. Every party that we ever had in the Big House exists all at once, forever and ever. Hepler is always setting off illegal fireworks that never seem to kill him and Rossi is always neck deep in uncut grass and Dave is always asleep in the tub with five cats. The best part of any band practice is always just before, when you are sitting outside in the crisp autumn air, stomach still full from brunch, or just after, ears ringing wondering what way you will waste your weekend next.

Yardbird Sings Metal. We were outside of Hell and this guy comes up and starts slapping his thigh and singing Iron Maiden. Bob, Dave and Dave were intrigued and impressed. Robert recorded it and at the end of the song you can hear his voice and know that I am making none of this up. Matt says the guy is dead now. Luckily, the song goes on forever.

Baby Vaughan, Your Life Is on Fire. While the story of Baby Vaughan may appear to be one of sadness and failure, I would suggest that being lost in the dreams of our youth is a blessing. We all live more or less the same lives: we wake, we eat, we bathe, we work, we sleep. It is only when we lose ourselves in our reveries that the real colors come alive.



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