Saturday, May 14, 2011

*footnotes: 2

In early 2010, after Ben and Robert realized (late in the game) that they had lost an ally in the fight for creative control when David moved to Virginia, they spent a weekend together in the mountains, listening to Kid A and the Gang Starr Full Clip: The Anthology cds over and over again. Both of them being drummers, they realized that what the band really needed was a deeper sense of their craft — an appreciation for the tone of each drum, the rich timbres that come with subtle increments of force, the ghostly undertones of the cymbals. The non-Ben members of the band had a new regime for the rest of the band: play whatever you like, but please, just turn down, if not off.

Kalb was immediately on board, saying that he'd been looking for a project that he could just "chill" in. Finn, at this point in the band existing solely as the unexpectedly successful source of photographs of dogs in tiny severe-weather outfits, raised no objections.

And the result is here: the recording of "Yardbird Sings Metal," a song off the upcoming Audubon Park release "PASSION."


Crash (Not actually Crash) said...

Man, loop that beat and I will spit some lyrical genius on it.

Doro said...

That sort of thing makes me want to wake up inside of a taco truck with three men dressed like bananas.

ddoodd said...

previously unknown video!