Saturday, May 21, 2011

*footnotes 4

FACT: AP skinsman Ben Spiker spent some time in Germany in his youth and in college. And apparently he did a little bit more while he was there than just eat sausage and stalk Larry Mullen Jr. when U2 was in Berlin making "Achtung Baby." We here at Tropic of Food have discovered this rare footage of his first musical endeavor — and it's not called WEAVEXX. The pube 'stache may have hidden his identity up til now, but this is unmistakably him:

The group, called Ausfahrt, which means "stinky fart" in German, never played a show and had virtually no following, according to Spiker, save for a gawky German girl named Hildegard who followed them around and documented their activities. Someone finally got around to uploading the video for their one and only recorded song, "Tippen Ein," which means, "Put 'Em On The Glass" in German. Again, it's hard to make out in this boy the man who would one day sit on the drum throne for classics like "Sunbathers" and "The Blasted Heath," but those eyes are unmistakable, as is the graphic design motif throughout the video. See below.

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