Sunday, October 18, 2009

(----) in Russia Vol.26: Because That Matt Kalb — He's A Funny Guy

In Soviet Russia, beer throws up from you.


It appears that the Leprechaun has taken up residence in our dumpster, where he can polish shoes to his heart's content without distractions.

"What? I bought it like that."

Inside the Elektrozavodskaya metro station.

Inside the bathroom at a club called Barbarella. This monstrosity is actually a speaker, out of which was blaring Madonna at a very high volume — too high for a toilet stall, one could say.

"Mysterious Cats," it's called.

A hair salon for dogs.

The awning at the hair salon for dogs.

This dog was trying to cross this street to get to an important meeting, but thought better.

A walk through a park one day resulted in stumbling upon this celebration of Tank Drivers' Day. I was unable to get the full impact of the dog who jumped onstage for an extended period of time, but you can see him scurry off at the beginning.

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