Friday, November 07, 2008

I was there when Change happened

So, thanks to former 'XYC DJ John Lee and his wife, Shana and I were able to be their guests and attend the Obama rally in Grant Park the other night. We got there around 4:00 when the doors didn't open until 8:30, but there were already plenty of people in line of course. While we didn't have an incredible spot, we were still fairly close. When the big screen showed CNN counting down to the California polls closing, everyone was counting along out loud, and then when it showed BREAKING NEWS - OBAMA ELECTED PRESIDENT, everyone went nuts of course. Then we had to wait a bit longer before Obama actually came out - there was someone who did a blessing, then someone reciting the pledge of allegiance, then someone singing the national anthem (she actually messed up a few words even), but finally the announcer introduced America's new first family. Afterwards, there were a slew of people selling bootleg Obama shirts, buttons, playing cards, etc etc. We got a pretty sweet poster with a rendering of Obama with a basketball, the White House, and a basketball goal, that said Coast to Coast Obama. Here are some photos from the occassion:

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