Thursday, January 04, 2007

Scenes from a Burn III

Robert's keyboard after being knocked over after the Hamilton show when Finn forgot the Golden Rule: "Always take it off the stand first." The splintering sounds were particularly forlorn.

Chuck working on octatonic scales while we prepare to watch "Grizzly Man" in Hamilton.

The quest for pure (unplugged) woman tone continues as "Grizzly Man" spells out Timothy Treadwell's sad tale.

Soundcheck at one of North America's nicest clubs, The Starlite, in Waterloo, Ontario.

Le safe sex.

Some drawings on a wall in an alley at a bar in Montreal.

Josh and our host in Montreal, Claude, in front of an inflatable spinning Christmas carousel.

Le advertising pour les cell phones.

11:30pm in the back of the van: a sandwich is born by lightning and the cooling power of the newly purchased Nein Cooler.

NYC bathroom graffiti. Our country 'tis of thee.

Street performers in NYC promoting the wiping power of Charmin toilet paper with a person in a bear costume and a few cowbells.

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