Monday, April 03, 2006

Destroyer Show Report

So, last week we went to see Destroyer. We consists of 'ric, Maggie, RB, Matt, Stingy, the other 400 people there and myself. I would like to know what the other folks thought--everyone seemed to like it alot (and I think I am the only one [not counting the 400 others] who had seen them before]).

Anyway, I liked it, but it was not as rocking as the time I saw them before. I think for some reason I thought that this band was just going to tear it up like the Rolling Thunder Revue, but they were very restrained. The drummer was soft. The songs of Destroyer's Rubies sounded like they do on the record. The songs they played off of Your Blues sounded great--they had some really nice arrangements--different enough that I didn't know what the song would be at first, but then I would pick out some element that would give it away. Especially "Certain Things You Ought to Know"--which is perhaps my favorite Destroyer song--it was brilliant--very quiet and intense. (Statistically speaking, they only played stuff off of Streethawk, This Night, Your Blues and Rubies).

I think perhaps I had really high expectations, and while I wasn't let down, it would have been heard for them to be met. The first time I saw them, I had no expectation, and was pleasantly suprised. Bejar would have had to give out hundred dollar bills this time to get up to what I was expecting from them. But it was a good show. Very good. I am not complaining.

I am interested to hear from others as to what they thought of the show.

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