Thursday, April 20, 2006

A birthday card in pictures

Tropic of Food's birthday celebration for our own "El Guapo" consists of many digitallly encoded celebrations. Take a look:

This woman is an exotic dancer who will jump out of a cake made of spice drops:

A listening party for the upcoming "Teenage Horses" release will occur, followed by a similarly themed video:

Matt Kalb will debut his new opera (which he stars in, see below) called "David Nahm used to drive me up the wall when we lived in the same house and he would also be condescending sometimes about the Soundgarden lyrics that I had taped to the wall, but now I love him like a full-length mink coat":

And finally, Dick Broadhead, President of Duke University (seen here with AP's A&R man, Senator Richard Luger of Indiana), will issue a vague statement commenting on the severity of this birthday and the culture that produces such events:

Oh, by the way, it's 4/20, man.

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