Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Happy MF Birthday, David

David Nahm (far right) during happier times. Mr. Nahm turns 30 years old today which has critics wondering: has Audubon Park grown too old and out of touch?

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RIKK said...

Four Twenty dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday David. Now is when your music should 'mature', but from what I've heard, it's headed in the opposite direction.

wordnerdy said...

aww! happy birthday!!

stark pimp said...

matt, please beesting david 30 times in quick succession.

happy birday david!

dc nahm said...

I wrote a song today called, "Yeah, Everything is Cool. Oh, I Need to Check on My Stock Protfolio and Then Do Some Stuff Like Vote and Care and PTA Stuff." It sounds good now that my classical has a pickup in it. I need to get some Lee Press On Nails.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday, david. i'm the anonymous one.