Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Don't forget: Erie Choir, Samuel Robison and the Crowd and DC Nahm at the Nightlight tomorrow (Wednesday, April 6th).

EC has a new website: www.eriechoir.com. There isn't much there now but the word on the street is there will be much later. Also, Eric is taking the EC out on tour, so if you live in NYC or Philadephia or other places, but not many other places, get a peice of the action.

This show will celebreate UNC's win in the NCAA tournament and my finishing my Oral Argument for school. Come to the show early and talk to us. We are people and we want to feel loved.


wordnerdy said...

also it's my birthday! yay!

wordnerdy said...

oh, the new erie choir page is awesome! who designed it?