Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Forecasting Hypeness, Crunkitude and Severe Depression

Here are some blips on the horizon:

1) May 7th at The Kings Barcade:

The Nein
Audubon Park

At Night! With Money Required for Admission!!

This is the Album Release Party for The Nein's Masterwork Debut "Wrath of Circuits." I am not sure of the details (someone told me but I don't listen) but I think you can get copies of the new LP at the door. If you can't come, don't be a fool and not buy "WoC." Get is somehow before you are the only person who doesn't have it.

It will also be the release show for the new AP EP "TBINAPAJ." Five songs of singing and playing.

2) May 10th at the Local 506

Drag City Recording Artist and America's Funnyman
Neil Hamburger

Audubon Park

This show will probably be early and we will be first so don't come late unless you don't want to see us. If that is the case, it is cool. I don't mind, but why are you reading this. Maybe you hate us. I am full of shame.

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