Wednesday, November 10, 2004


2005 Audubon Park Registers

PG Majestic Nahm

Supernatural scorer with instinctive instincts ... A sparkplug for the Register lineup ... Does a good job at attacking the weak points in the defense, but occasionally tries to take the lane in too much traffic and thereafter runs into trouble and then fells really bad about it and apologizes profusely ... Plays far bigger than his size would indicate, but smaller than his entourage would suggest ... Can score from the standstill in heavy traffic, but not when left alone beneath the basket ... Also a terrific shooter from long-range, but not really ... Not a guy that should be left open off screens , or alone in the library...... A crafty passer and knitter... Collects a lot of steals and cassettes ... Plays with a lot of emotion, too much probably.

SG Finn Marley

A streaky shooter, and window cleaner ... Has terrific elevation, discipline and poise in his form, but not in his tone ... Much of the reason for his hot and cold tendencies lies in his bed, talking on the phone ... Possesses range that borders on unreal(unicorns, fairies, dragons, etc…), and he occasionally gets caught up in that ability ... Will take 3-pointers from well beyond the stripe, as well as below it ... Uses his outside shooting ability to create mid-range shots for himself, throwing pump fakes and small mammals to open up pull-up jumpers and cardigans ... Has solid finnishing ability when he gets deep in the groove, but is not an outstanding athlete ... Defense needs improvement.

SF World B. Biggers

Handcrafted with a premium East Indian rosewood back and sides and a bookmatched top of select quartersawn Sitka spruce… Its smaller 000 body size and short 24-9/10" scale help produce delicate, balanced tones. The rosette and soundboard are inlaid with herringbone wood marquetry, and the body is bound with grained ivoroid…. An ebony fingerboard features a long diamonds-and-squares pattern in abalone pearl… Signature is inlaid in mother-of-pearl between the 19th and 20th frets… Tastefully appointed with hand-beveled tortoise pickguard, nickel-plated open-geared machines equipped with unique butterbean knobs. ..Bears an interior label, individually numbered in sequence. Includes limited lifetime warranty and deluxe hardshell case.

PF Danny Binge

Brilliant shooter from just about anywhere but the court ... Wonderful aching jump shot ... Can go off the dribble with slow, loping, caustic, melancholy drives, freeing himself with a behind the back dribble or faked pass or tortured glance or whispered denunciation ... Easy... Once his feet are set, the ball is going somewhere ... Can hit out to 4 feet at this point, if he's open, he'll take it from anywhere ... Wants to initiate a five-man, ball-movement time signature, which often leaves him out of sync with his teammates ... Not a rebounder but a lover, he'll pull in a few during a contest through positioning(wink, wink), but he'll leak out on the break(is seeing a doctor) or get back on defense before he heads to the rim(thank you very much) ... Utilizes the backdoor cut. Still learning as a "defender", he'll get caught with his feet in "mud".

C Kalb Rambus

Algae that grow on the hair impart a greenish color to the coat with narrow white stripes running across the back and down the sides, a pattern that provides excellent camouflage in dense thickets …There is no tail…. It feeds almost exclusively on the leaves, buds, and stems of Cecropia, a tropical relative of the mulberry…. Moves sluggishly but can strike swiftly and powerfully if attacked. Horn shape seem to vary with habitat, which ranges from high grass savanna to equatorial forest... Grazes and drinks in the early morning and evening and rests during the heat of midday and at night… Can easily fend off a lion.

Go Registers!



Anonymous said...

Pac Man: Caller, your on "ACC Live" on Leerfield Sports.

Caller: Yeah, I'm Skeeter and I live in High Point.

PM: Hey, Skeeter, what's on your mind?

C: Yeah, I just wanted to talk about the situation with Coach Roehrig and all that.

PM: Ok, go ahead.

C: Well. Every team has off years, I know that, but I think that the recruting that Coach R has done while at Audubon has been awful. I am an AP fan. Always will be, but I can't stand to watch them anymore.

PM: I hear what your saying, but I am of the camp that you have to give a coach five years to get his team together.

C: Agreed but I didn't like what I saw at the pre-season game against The Nein, Cold Sides and Sorry About Dresden. And they almost got beat last year by Roxotica. I mean, come on. They shouldn't have lost to the Sleepies, they shouldn't have lost to The Holy Roman Empire. They lost to Razzle, which was expected, but they didn't even put up a fight.

Plus, his manner on court--dancing around the sidelines, sleeping under the scorer's table--not professional.

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Anonymous said...

the case alone is PHENOMENAL!

- Estabon

Anonymous said...

i really thought yoni was audubonese for finn. i was wrong. so what? so rocka.

ddoodd said...

Dudes, what indeed is going on down here? Only college basketball can make man so crazy.

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