Thursday, November 04, 2004



Audubon Park is pleased to announce the release of Bandwidth, a compilation of North Carolina bands (including AP) put together by WXYC to celebrate ten years of webcasting. The comp is downloadable from WXYC's website starting on Sunday the 7th I believe (though don't quote me, or read this, because I might be wrong) and available in local stores and from all the bands included.

The track list is:

WXYC's Webcasting 10th Anniversary Celebration

Bandwidth: Celebrating 10 Years of Internet Radio on WXYC-Chapel Hill

1. Report about WXYC’s Pioneering Webstream on DRS3, Basel, Switzerland
2. JETT RINK - Born Hungry
3. THE MOANERS - Everybody Wants My Baby
4. PROTEAN SPOOK - Live at the Penland (NC) School of Crafts
5. AUDUBON PARK - The Blasted Heath
6. MALT SWAGGER - Binger
7. SHALLOW BE THY NAME - maxi-yow-mini
8. SPECTAC & MEDIAN - Life Ain’t Easy
9. BRINGERER - Bush Laden Family BBQ
10. BLACK TAJ - Woke Up Tired
11. CANTWELL GOMEZ & JORDAN - Shayna Wuz Here... Peeing Like a Cheetah
12. $TINKWORX - Pararrayos
13. MICRO-EAST COLLECTIVE - Cells - One to Many
14. WORK CLOTHES - South Bronx
15. CAN JOANN - the victor
16. TORCH MARAUDER - Manowar (Sweet Revenge)
17. HOTEL MOTEL - Breaking Into Pictures
18. COLD SIDES - Carrier Frequency
19. SHARK QUEST - Open Season
20. ETTA BAKER - Lost John
21. LIBRANESS - Sykes Temple Lane
22. THE SAMES - All We Need Is a Friend
23. JACUZZI BROTHERS - bright tiger2
4. BILLY SUGARFIX - A Space Nomad’s Wildest Dreams

There will also be two shows to celebrate the release of the comp and the ten year anniversary. The first is this Saturday, the 6th, at LOCAL 506 and features Jett Rink, Spectac, The Moaners and eNtet (a micro-east collective off-shoot). Billy Sugarfix will host.

The second show is at CD Alley on Nov. 12th and features The Torch Marauder, Bringerer and David Nahm from AP. This show will start at 4pm. Pizza Beer Party!

At both shows you can dance and get copies of the comp.

Check out
WXYC's website for more information.


Anonymous said...

me: oh dude, someone finally put together a decent compilation.

you: right...(sarcasm)

me: really. many of the good songs are followed by other good songs.

you: exclusive?

me: pretty much, yeah - i think so - maybe not the one by - but - i dunno. not that it matters to me.

you: yeah i guess not...

me: ...

you: sorry, i don't believe you.

me: it's so unusual, i know.

you: unprecedented?

me: i doubt it, but don't ask me - i haven't been able to stop listening to those 4 songs i like on "body language" - they require so little...

you: you are superior to me.

me: of course..

you: no, i mean it like a game of uno.

me: i have reached zero.

you: and so soon.

me: i know what you just said.

you: (telepathy)

me: i made you do that too.

you: (asleep)

me: thank you. i mean, for saying i'm superior.

you: is this all you're doing today?

me: maybe. maybe finish up that spreadsheet, grab a signature or two...yeah, that's about it.

you: ...

me: but i have plans.

you: good. when's the next AP show?

me: no more shows, only blog appearances, i'm afraid.

you: better that way, isn't it?

me: easier.

you: right. please stop me from talking.

me: ...

you: thank you?

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