Friday, December 04, 2009

(----) in Russia Vol.28

So it snowed a couple times like a month ago, but now we've got record-breaking December high temperatures, about 40 degrees. And no snow. Cause the mayor is fucking insane.

Just some homies in my hood.

Can has not wanting to know.

The leprechaun in our dumpster is back!

And he parked his hog, too!

"You got a problem with Christmas songs, motherfucker?"

And now, oh man, you don't EVEN KNOW what's about to pop off. It's Yury Kuklachev's world-famous CAT CIRCUS.

The intro was pretty epic...the theater got all dark and cats were projected onto this screen.

Then it was like Lazer Zeppelin for a second before it got really off the hook.

Oh snap! A cat in a bag!

Oh snarp! A cat scratching something!

Oh sklrump! A cat on a scooter!

Oh schlarp! A cat on a swan!

Not enough??!!!

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