Saturday, May 16, 2009

(----) in Russia Vol.19

You know you're in Russia when this dude is hosting a call-in music video program and he's supposed to be some sort of chick magnet.

A poster in a band rehearsal studio. This was right around the big swine flu scare-thing, so it seemed topical then. Now it's just kinda funny. The sign basically warns musicians and their guests to obey the rules of the practice place. The pig is supposed to be someone who has violated the rules, but some hooligans wrote over that part.

The lab.

So Brooklyn's VAZ played in Moscow. At the club lives this cat, who was almost frontin' but turned out to be pretty sweet.

Also at the club lives this cat's kittens, who were moved to an undisclosed, less abrasive location once VAZ started rumbling and the place filled up with smokers and drunk people.

The drummer from VAZ and the singer from Perth, who also played, communicating with the cat.

VAZ being interviewed by a Russian television station.

VAZ rocking.

God. Why? This summer, Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach, Korn and these jokers are coming to Moscow. But then again, so is FAITH NO MORE!!!!!! So it's a tradeoff, I suppose.

This tunnel is on my way to work. Sometimes I walk to work, which takes about an hour. This thing was the most dangerous area in the winter because it was completely iced over, but now that spring is finally here, it's ok.

I would say that this guy is a serious babnik (ladies' man). It's not often you get to hold two different ladies' hands at the same time and not have them get offended.

There had to be at least one dog image in this post.



HOLY FUCKING AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! As Silk Nogg says, you can't put a baby in a suit.

Ok, next time:
1. Themselves (insane hip-hop group from Anticon Records) live in St. Petersburg.
2. Tanks rolling down a street.
3. A dog leaning out of a window.
4. Another Silk Nogg jam. It's time for the world, or rather, the 5 of you who read this, to finally hear some cuts from "The Forthcoming Album."

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