Friday, May 01, 2009

(----) in Russia Vol.18

You know you're in Russia when you're walking through a park at night on a balmy 50-degree evening (spring!!!!) and a huge fucking garbage truck decides to take a shortcut through said park.

Ad in a metro car. It reads: "Allergies: Your Nightmare?" My roommates and I debated the content. One camp (mine) thinks that the cat is begging forgiveness for causing your allergies by bringing you flowers and tangerines. Another camp thinks that the cat, the flowers and the oranges are like the perfect storm of allergies, as if a cat showing up at your door bearing flowers and fruit would be the worst of all possible allergy scenarios.

One snazzy-looking couple walking through the metro.

View from my window onto our courtyard. This is what happens to a winter's worth of cigarette butts when the snow finally melts. Some poor Central Asian dude (as if he doesn't have enough to worry about with the sporadic waves of skinhead violence in the city against Central Asian workers) has to spend his day sweeping them up in preparation for the spring's installment of smokers' trash.

Cologne, Germany's Popnoname playing at a club called Shanti.

One of Popnoname's live shtick things is to put on sleeveless hoodies (he had two different ones), zip them up over his face, and dance around while his laptop blasts a series of gloriously sappy Eurobeats.

One of the more annoying things about clubbin' in Moscow is the amount of photographers running around taking hundreds of pictures of the crowd at every show. I decided to retaliate by capturing the photographer as he tried to capture me at the Popnoname gig. You can see him wincing from my flash.

Keeping with the club theme, here's a shot of British DJ team Padded Cell playing at Solyanka.

This drunk dude was carrying a huge set of white balloons in the metro.

"Ladies, pt.3"

"Solitary beer"

"Ladies, pt.4"


In a clothing market. A few seconds earlier, this cart full of headless mannequin bodies had fallen over, forcing the people pushing it to have to gather up a bunch of torsos with really supple racks.

A few meters away, this man was also carrying mannequin torsos into this empty storefront.

Pedestrian right-of-way light.

A contender for
Or more fodder for ddooodpretation?

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