Saturday, April 04, 2009

(----) in Russia Vol.16

You know you're in Russia when you get invited to a "home party" and the only participants are a woman in a black silk kimono, her mother, a dog that looks like Alf, a cat with big nuts, a man who wants to talk about Obama and a hookah.



Context fail at the Louis Vuitton boutique.

WARNING: DON'T DRIVE INTO THE WATER. (Perhaps this has been a problem at some point?)

Hairdo fail.

Security fail. These people had their window broken outside of our building. Note ubiquitous dog tied to fence, silently observing.

Leningradsky train station, night. (Duh)

As the digital age catches up with Russia, more formats become obsolete...

...but the devices with which to play them still reside on top of my fridge, left behind by the landlady.

Statue at night. Note the lovely spring weather.

Statue in the mall. Of a cleaning lady.

Camels! And pyramids! And a ... cow skull.

Rednecks have infiltrated Moscow! Apparently, 4 months' worth of melting snow creates enough mud for some good muddin'. Which is logically followed by a stop at the sushi restaurant.

Some awesome fliers that were posted on a wall downtown.

As this photo was being taken (in the men's room), the photographer was warned by a roommate that he was "really asking for it." True, but just look at this jacket!



Went and saw Shnurov's new band, Ruble, again. This time was way better than the previous one. He rocked the house like a madman, and people were going crazy. At one point, the power on stage cut out, but he kept singing until the whole room was singing along and clapping. Quite the showman. Look:

As Shnurov was leaving the stage, my roommate snapped this awesome shot of him walking by with his guitar. The dude in the white shirt was a guard whose job it was to prevent anyone from bothering Shnurov as he exited.

And now, a scene from Brothers In Hypeness' upcoming production of "Why So Many Dogs?":
Igor (dog in middle): “Kostya, when is that fucking bus supposed to arrive?”
Kostya (dog on right, facing away from camera): “I dunno, man, it’s already late, should we take the metro?”
Igor: “Ach, I don’t have my metro pass with me. Where is the party again?”
Kostya: “I think it’s at Byelorusskaya, right? Dima, you got the Facebook invite, right? Where is this place?”
Dima (dog on left): “Dude, get your snout out of your ass … the place is near Smolenskaya. Who told you Byelorusskaya?”
Kostya: “Chill, bro. I got a text from Alyosha, and she said that Sasha told her that Lyudmila said she talked to Ivan already and he said the party was there. Shit, we’re gonna be late.”
Igor: “Guys, look, we’ll be fine. We could always just take a car. Look, here comes one now.”
Kostya: “Do you see a wallet on any of us? How are we gonna pay, man? Damn, my leg itches.”
Dima: “I told you to stay away from that Zhenya, she’s got fleas.”
Igor: “We ALL have fleas.”
Kostya: “I need a drink.”

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