Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Erie Choir tonight, Friday Big House Party

Using this medium for band promotional purposes is apparently outdated at this point, but Kalb did it recently, so I will as well.

Erie Choir opens tonight for Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus Three. I'm pretty excited about it, having been a Robyn Hitchcock fan since I was fifteen-years old. I was introduced to the band by 120 minutes. Dave Kendall probably noted that his then latest release, Queen Elvis, featured REM's Peter Buck. Mr. Buck plays in the Venus Three. This is the second time I'll get the honor of opening for Mr. Hitchcock. The first time was the day following a Halloween Hackey Sack Crue performance accompanied by David Nahm. I was hungover and freaked out a bit, but David helped me get through it, even though I had been short tempered with him earlier. Thanks again David.

We'll play in some fashion at the Big House on Friday, along with Le Weekend and others....

How about them Heels?

My cousin Terence produced a film. Check out the trailer!

I really did not mean for this to come out like a Larry King column, but the years are taking their toll. Anyway, check out the links if you time, and I'll see you around.

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