Monday, September 29, 2008

(----) In Russia Vol.3

Ah, here he is in his full glory, advertising the Black Russian malt beverage.

Some more billboards:

This is for a blockbuster out now in Russian theaters called "Hitler Kaput" (but there's no "H" in Russian, so it turns into a "G", and therefore is "Gitler Kaput"). It's supposed to be a campy romp about the end of the titular dictator. Famous Russian rapper Timati (the guy on the top left) hams it up alongside the daughter of St. Petersburg mayor Anatoly Sobchak.

An ad for a bank.


Graffiti in the stairwell in my hosts' building. This took some dedication. I also like how the dandelion looks like a character from the Mr. Show skit about the altered state of "Druggachusetts".

While taking the trash out a few nights ago, I came across this chair next to the dumpster. Judging from the rest of the contents filling the dumpster, it was apparent that someone had just passed away, and I guess their family just put this wheelchair/toilet out to get thrown away with a huge pile of hospital tubing and clothing. To comment upon how intensely sad this scene was in person would be redundant, and in all seriousness, there is no making light of the situation going on. It just struck me as an example of how things seem to be in a city like this, at least to me so far: shit happens, move on.

Watching the debate on my hosts' laptop with 6 other Americans. The candidates failed to impress anyone with their (lack of) knowledge about Russia. FAIL.

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