Sunday, September 21, 2008

(-----) In Russia 2008 Vol.1

Quick and to the point:

These British tourists in the Helsinki airport had an animatronic moose in yellow raingear that would play "Singin' In the Rain" when they pushed its tummy.

Gandalf checks his email in the Helsinki airport.

After an 8-hour layover in Helsinki, this was served on the plane. I was not sure what it was supposed to be and therefore did not eat it.

The view from the first apartment I attempted to stay in. I moved out within 24 hours after learning that there was not what you would call a strict policy among the roommates of locking the front door.

The ubiquitous set of beat-up Russian cars outside the place I am currently staying.

The front door of my current host's building (from the inside). The apartment itself is really swanky.

The hallway.

Russians breakdancing at the DMC World DJ Championship Finals in Moscow (first time ever they have been held in Moscow).

More breakdancing. These guys were really awesome, as were the DJs at the show. And there was a Russian beatboxer named Vantahng who was the best beatboxer I've ever seen. His voice had so much bass in it that I could feel the hairs on my head shaking.

ЩЕКАТЬ (shye'kat) v. 1, to shake one's face from side to side vigorously. 2, to ruin one's parents' expectations of normal photos of their child at historically important locations around the world (like, say, Red Square). 3, to jowl.

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