Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Frog Eyes, Alex Delivery and Audubon Park

We have a show next week with the above mentioned bands (except for us, we are not playing with ourselves but as ourselves). It is at the Local 506 on May 15th (St. Dymphna Day). We are first and will start at 9 PM (I assume if you are reading this--meaning this blog--and do so on a regular basis you either want to not miss us and will show up at 9 to see us, or you are in the band and will show up at 9:15). I have just moved to Harrisonburg and this will probably be our only show for a while--at least until the fall.

We have several new songs (for our in progress next record) and will be playing them for you with vigor. We will also have some other songs to play, but we don't know what yet.


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