Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Rikk's post below made me think of Baby Vaughan (whose life, as we know, is on fire). And when you think of something, what is the next step you take? http://www.google.com.

My Babysitter Bites Again

The third scary, funny novel in Hodgman's beloved My Babysitter series. Vampire Vincent is back, along with a new cast of neck-nibblers sure to delight young readers. When Vincent returns, Meg and Kelly have to find a way to keep Vincent's creepy hands away from plumb baby Vaughn.

From The Critics
School Library Journal
Gr 5-7-- In this sequel to My Babysitter Is a Vampire (Pocket Bks., 1991), Hodgman continues the ghoulish but humorous story of narrator Meg; her younger brother, Trevor; her friend Pittsy; and Pittsy's former boyfriend, Vincent the vampire. As their summer vacation in Maine is ending, the girls are hired as babysitters for one-year-old baby Vaughan, who lives in a creepy looking house that is guarded by a menacing stone statue. As Trevor becomes frightened by strange sensations of people following him, breathing on him, and watching him, Meg starts to notice that Vaughan is taking on unusual characteristics much like those of a vampire. Weird and eerie things continue to envelope this foursome, until Meg suddenly realizes that somehow Vincent has returned from the dead and is in the process of turning Vaughan into a vampire. The ominous ending leaves readers in anticipation of a most probable third book. Hodgman has packed every imaginable piece of vampire lore into this novel. It is not high-quality literature, but is adequately spooky and at times suspenseful. Although the events are predictable, the premise unbelievable, and the characters not fully developed, this is lightweight fare for young fans of the genre. --April L. Judge, Jefferson Madison Regional Library, Charlottesville, VA

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