Thursday, February 22, 2007

Loud Screaming is the Best

Folks, sorry I slept on getting this to the best blog ever, but here it is:

Ol' Big Snake Timberlake put on quite the show in DC back on Feb. 2. He's not as good as Prince (and should really accept the comparisons to Prince as complimentary), his ballads aren't as strong as the dance jams, put whatever, the Timbaland beats came across best live. Pink was the opener. That song "You're just like a pill! Instead of making me better you keep making me ill!," kind of rules. She did a song that was critical of parents who aren't so glad their kids are gay. I applaud her for many people there actually caught those lyrics I don't know, but at least she's trying.

The highlight of the between acts music on the PA: Biggie Smalls' "Fucking You Tonight" being played twice! It came on at kind of a low volume...and then it came on again at full volume. Excellent!

JT played some keyboard, guitar...and even keytar. The show was way longer than you could've ever imagined. The "intermission" was Timbaland blasting beats from his more notable hits and it was essentially a more expensive A/V backed version of Girltalk with no boxer shorts exposure and no dancers on stage...and I guess Timbaland actually made these beats himself (I do like Girltalk a lot though).

And the question I've been asked the most about the show (by women oddly enough)? Yes, the women there were HOT! And they *looked* legal...looks are all that matter right? The blasting beats with a concomitant wall of screaming (it's the cleaned up Masonna howling that was constantly blaring away, not the music that had my ears ringing) ....especially when he started doing some sort of doggy style motion on a dancer who looked like Britney Spears, with another dancer next to them who looked like K-Fed, created quite a howl.

Late in the show JT was noodling away on a synth, seriously like, prog rock foolishness that sounded kind of cool, but nothing amazing...and then a cadence developed in the droning and they went into "Sexy Back" the song ended, in honor of being in DC, Timbaland and him announced they would now perform the song Go Go style (they apparently did this at the 9:30 Club last summer). I'm curious if any other artists who's played this Verizon Arena even knows what a Go Go song is, much less cares to convert their own song into one...most probably shouldn't bother. This was good!

I could perhaps postulate upon the implications of a white Memphis native with an all African American band, performing Go Go in an arena in DC on the first weekend of Black History month, but I'm no Roland Barthes (that old Frenchman could get away with dissecting every aspect of a strip club under the guise of semiotics). Here's to furthering the pursuit of an intellectual dialectic on the internet.

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