Thursday, February 15, 2007

Losing to Demm

First thing I did this morning when I got out of bed: broke a hand barely touched it and the shit became unhinged, hit the floor, and smashed, oh well, but I finally got back on Rock 92's Put Up or Shut Up Rock'n'Roll Trivia. It's been harder to get on the air this past year and the qualifying question has gotten harder (although plenty of lunkheads still make it on air). Last week the question, "Which band at Woodstock '69 was paid in advance?" (Grateful Dead...I didn't know they had it together like that back then, I assumed it was Hendrix) stumped me. Today it was, "Randy the judge on American Idol was once the bassist for which huge rock band?" Journey!

I tanked on the CCR question and the "Tea Set" question. I should've gotten the CCR question based on the color theme (and my fondness for a certain late '80's band) and Tea Set I should've known because I acquired a lot of arcane knowledge of this band in the '80's but other bands became more interesting to me since then I guess. I scored 8, Demm nothced 10....I've beaten him 3 times and hair metal questions were to my advantage on those occasions. Anyways I won free lift tickets for Ski Beech (it better stay cold for next weekend).

The theme was "COLORS" and was created to be relatively "hard". The answers are at the bottom.

Questions were as follows:

1. First Rolling Stones album with Ron Wood on guitar?

2. The hat in Springsteen's back pocked on the Born in the USA album cover is what color?

3. What band was known as Tea Set but changed it when they found themselves on a bill with another band called Tea Set?

4. Name one of the Beatles albums with a color in the title.

5. The octopus in the title of a Jefferson Starship album is A) White B) Blue C) Red....I totally guessed and got it right.

6. Creedence Clearwater Revival song that charted high but not #1 (or something like that, I choked on this one).

7. Vh1 listed which metal band at #2 on their Greatest Metal Bands of all time?

8. Did UB40's "Red Red Wine" chart at #1?

9. Name the song playing (it was AC/DC "Back in Black")

10. Name the song playing (it was Cream "In the White Room")

1.Black and Blue
3.Pink Floyd
4.White Album or Yellow Submarine
6.Green River
7.Black Sabbath

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