Thursday, December 14, 2006

Scenes from a Burn

Josh listens intently as a Cleveland man explains to us that the "totem of the mole is bad juju".

A flier in a Caribou Coffee in Cleveland.

5am, Cleveland. The apartment is too hot, and as I wake up completely sweaty and uncomfortable, this is what I see out my window.

Chuck Johnson drives so fast, he became part of the window.

Chicago jowlin': before.....

...and after.

Our host in Chicago, Greg, and Josh with Greg's saw.

Cats Vol.1: Chicago. This one was friendly.

Cats Vol.2: Cleveland. This one was not. You can't see him in the video since we couldn't turn any lights on (you actually can't see shit), but just listen for that growl.

Today, the Canadian border is to be crossed. Let's hear it for that exchange rate!

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