Saturday, December 16, 2006

Scenes from a Burn II

Windsor, ON. Our van is watched over by the Rumpleminze Girl.

DJ Smooth Up In Ya

Josh Carpenter discovers Hennessey.

The view of Detroit's skyline from our host's porch in Windsor. Detroit is right across the river.

A pink Toronto sky.

Ghost Chuck on the streets of Toronto.

The stairs we had to carry all our stuff up in Toronto. The doorman didn't show up, so we had to work the door. While I was doing this after our set, 7 dwarves (I'm not kidding) entered the club, insisting they were on the guestlist (they weren't). One was from Canada, and the rest were from the US, with the "Austin City Rockettes".

Robert had too much to drink and vomited a stream of light.

Cats Vol.3: Toronto. Robert lets his guard down and shows love for a feline.

If I had known about this place, I could have saved a lot of money instead of going to Duke for this shit.

Josh backstage in Hamilton with Sonic Unyon publicity czar Sean Palmerston.

And last but not least.....a blues band in Windsor (not at the club we played at). The Infectious Blues Band has competition.

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