Wednesday, September 27, 2006

They've got rhythm

In honor of the Nein's upcoming Duke Coffeehouse show, Tropic of Food proudly presents footage from the upcoming "60 Minutes" piece on the band's upcoming record. The big questions: will their new press bio incur the media backlash that the last one generated? Will North Korea pull out of yet more anti-proliferation talks as a result? Who farted? Here we show you two of the members hard at work counting to 9 repeatedly with a fake woodblock sound dialed up on the ol' Casio. According to engineer Nick Petersen, he wasn't even aware The Nein were recording in his studio during this session, but as for me and Grandpa, we believe. Watch carefully, though--not much happens:

Anyway, join the band this Saturday at the Duke Coffeehouse, where they'll be appearing with Des_Ark and the Common Ground Crew (Crash, L in Japanese, Social Memory Complex, and Phonetic). The always-trying-to-be-funny Silk Nogg will introduce each act, with commentary sure to confuse Duke students and please those "in the know" immensely.

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