Friday, March 05, 2010

(----) in Russia Vol. 30: Hot Kiev Nightz

You know you're in Kiev when in the span of 10 minutes you are threatened with a broken bottle and then are helping the person who threatened you put iodine on a very minor scrape on his wrist that he claims was an irritant that factored into your potential maiming. Oh, and also when entrances to museums look like potential sets from "The Shining."

Matrix roller coaster.

Soviet rainbow monument.

Kiev residents.

Man carrying bag of Ukrainian grits. I am not lying.

"Mister Snack: Sandwich Bar"

Burrito instructions at the puzzling "Potato House" restaurant, which was supposed to be a Mexican restaurant but seemed to have some serious identity issues.

Case in point, Exhibit A: Potato House dessert icon.

Case in point, Exhibit B: Potato House Native American statues.

Case in point, Exhibit C: Potato House bathroom.


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